Friday, August 27, 2010

Morton "The Disappearing Man" Wagman

Today begins the first day of my serious search for a graduate school. And the timing could have definitely been better, that is for certain. That being the case, allow me to state my intentions.

As my last post should have keyed you in, my primary interest in graduate study is the exploration of the area of psychology that is most applicable to the advancement of artificial intelligence systems. In my research on the subject, I came upon the man who literally wrote many books on the subject. So I go to the "about the author" page and see that this guy is a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne and get really excited because that school must be pretty decent in that field, right? And according to the information about UI@UC in my grad school handbook, the University is also a good fit for me financially and requirement-ly speaking .

Awesome sauce, right? Well the guy I'm looking for is startlingly missing from their rather healthy list of faculty. Of course I find this very disappointing. Especially since his last book was published in '03. So I ask you this, what ever happened to Morton Wagman and for the love of god did anyone ever publish an article with him?


  1. Seriously, do a google search. Like five pages about his book and then links to some dude who teaches at a community college.

  2. Haha.... your picture.