Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Grandest Welcome

Hello! This blog will be the continuing study tool of a devoted student who never learned how to study through conventional means. Basically what's going to happen (once the semester kicks up) is that I'm going to keep on top of my studying by reading, comprehending and then semantically encoding via this here blog. Hopefully I'll manage to keep everything light enough that I'll still understand when I come back, which will make it accessible to all of you as well. Granted, "you" probably don't exist since I can't imagine the half understood ramblings of a college senior will rack up many hits.

Just so you're aware, we've got a wonderful looking semester ahead of us.  I'm finally taking a semester off of all my psychology classes (which I will miss) since I have almost entirely filled my requirements for that particular major. The focus this semester will be my other major, philosophy. I've got six courses to look forward to, and four of them are in philosophy. They are (for those of you keeping track at home): Logic, Ancient Philosophy, Epistemology and Biomedical Ethics. Each of these sound like an exciting opportunity to write about, so hopefully this will save this blog from sagging into boring repetition of stuff I read out of a textbook.

My other courses are going to be a statistics course called "Linear Models" (to complete a stats minor) and a religious studies course called "Morality and Medicine" (to complete a religious studies minor) which will overlap with Biomedical Ethics delightfully.

So, it's been a pleasure greeting you all and I look forward to continuing this whole thing. I hope I can learn a lot from this blog (as well as the studying) and that you can learn with me.


  1. This sounds like it'll be entertaining, watching Nigel flail through philosophy and scoff over his religious class.

    I can't believe it, though. This is the first semester in almost forever that we haven't had at least one class together. How strange. I suppose that will be made up for in the home life. I'll be sick of you by my birthday, I'm sure. :D

  2. Nigel's not too bad with philosophy, until he hits the mental blocks of Freud and Art. Oh, and Poetry. then he stubs his toes and flails and has no idea how to get over the block haha.

    Also, you may be sick of his philosophy, but not his quesadilla making!


  4. P.S- Biomedical Ethics is way less interesting as it sounds, but it might just be me because my professor looked like a white, heroine strung version of Storm from X-Men. But I have a ton of shit if you'd like to get together and talk it out some day.